Adrian McKinty

now famous for a really popular stand alone book, The Chain, but I prefer his Sean Duffy series written earlier.

  • The Cold, Cold Ground (2012)
  • I Hear the Sirens in the Street (2013)
  • In the Morning I’ll Be Gone (2014)
  • Gun Street Girl (2015)
  • Rain Dogs (2016)
  • Police at the Station and They Don’t Look Friendly 2017
  • The Chain 2020

Favourite quote from this book

:“It is my considered opinion, that for Britain and Europe, and for liberal democracy across the entire world as a whole, Britain’s departure from the European Union in the time of Donald Trump, and Britain’s consequent unqualified dependence on the United States in an era when the US is heading straight down the road to institutional racism and neo-fascism, is an unmitigated clusterfuck bar none.”

March Violets (1989)
The Pale Criminal (1990)
A German Requiem (1991)
The One from the Other (2006)
A Quiet Flame (2008)
Field Gray (2010)
If The Dead Rise Not (2010)
Prague Fatale (2011)
A Man Without Breath (2013)
The Lady from Zagreb (2015)
The Other Side of Silence (2016)
Prussian Blue (2017)
Greeks Bearing Gifts (2018)
Metropolis (2019)

Very sad that Philip Kerr died recently, his last book,Metrolpolis, was published posthumously

Michael Robotham – Joe O’Loughlin series

The Suspect (2004)
Lost / The Drowning Man (2005)
Shatter / The Sleep of Reason (2008)
Bleed for Me (2010)
The Wreckage (2011)
Say You’re Sorry (2012)
Watching You (2013)
Close Your Eyes (2015)
The Other Wife (2018)

Mark Billingham

Sleepyhead (2001)
Scaredy Cat (2001)
Lazybones (2003)
The Burning Girl (2004)
Lifeless (2005)
Buried (2006)
Death Message (2007)
Bloodline (2009)
From The Dead (2010)
Good as Dead (2011)
The Demands (2011)
The Dying Hours (2013)
The Bones Beneath (2014)
Time of Death (2015)
Love Like Blood (2017)
The Killing Habit (2018)
Their Little Secret (2019)
Cry Baby (2020)

Abir Mukherjee

Publication Order of Sam Wyndham Books

A Rising Man(2016)Description  Book  eBook
A Necessary Evil(2017)Description  Book  eBook
Smoke and Ashes(2018)Description  Book  eBook
Death in the East(2019)Description  Book  eBook
The Shadows of Men(2021)Description  Book  eBook